learn the science of life

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WHEN: Saturday, May 14th 1:30-3pm


FACILITATOR: Beverly Radican



Ayurveda is the sister practice to Yoga. It is known as “The Science of Life”. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn about your dosha, your bio-energy centers, and how they are expressed in your body and mind, and how they respond to different lifestyle factors. You will complete a questionnaire to learn about your dosha (mind/body constitution) which will empower you to observe, practice, and change the life patterns that cause stress and imbalance so you can live at your highest potential. Beverly will share how to keep the body and mind healthy with breathwork, mantras, mudras, seasonal practices, and more. Extensive hand-outs are provided as ongoing resources for this valuable life-long practice of health and wellness.



1:30-1:40 - Introduction

1:40-2:00 - Dosha Quiz

2:00-2:10 - What is Ayurveda?

2:10-2:30 - Gunas (qualities), elements, doshas

2:30-2:45 - Yoga & Ayurveda

2:45-3:00 - Yoga practices to balance each dosa

About Beverly Radican

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Beverly’s lifelong passion for true health and wellness led her along a fascinating path of discovery as she explored the discipline of yoga. Her continued deep inquiry into the holistic realm of healing revealed the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. These practices are custom-tailored to the uniqueness of each individual during the various stages of the entire lifespan from childhood onward. She is excited to share with her community, this in-depth, practical, and well-rounded system of healing.

Beverly is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. She received her AWC training at the prestigious Kerala Ayurveda in Milpitas, California, and her Yoga certification at the distinguished Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Miramar, Florida. 

Please join her in this captivating Ayurveda workshop as we discover and explore achieving and maintaining balance and harmony in body, mind, and environment through this ancient and celebrated discipline.

Reiki 1 Certification Course


Come join us for an all-day healing certification class!

This class is perfect for:


  • Those who would love to learn skills to help themselves heal from acute or chronic conditions

  • Those who are interested in becoming more empowered in their own wellness

  • Those who would love to develop a deeper understanding of the energy within us and around us

  • Those who feel called to begin their journey as a healer


In Reiki 1 we learn how to heal ourselves, before learning to heal others. In this way, we create a solid foundation of caring and loving our own selves first.

In this class you will:


  • Receive a Reiki 1 Manual

  • Receive a Reiki Book

  • Receive 2 Attunements (to begin to channel the Reiki energy)

  • Learn the History of Reiki

  • Learn the Reiki Precepts

  • Meditate and Explore the Concept of Self Love

  • Practice Self Reiki

  • Receive Mentorship Before and After the Class

Early Bird Special Ends May 9th. The Regular Price is $255.

Registration for this course ends May 30th

Meet Reiki Master
Elizabeth Beaudry

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I have been sensing energy from the time I was born.  This led me to be curious about the less understood aspects of life.  When I was in high school, instead of playing sports, I practiced Tai Chi with Elders at the YMCA.  I immediately felt at home in that world, as it gave validation to the energies I felt within my body, in my surroundings and in interactions with others.  After exploring alternative medicine in many forms, I first learned Reiki in 2008, becoming a Master Teacher in 2012. Channeling healing energy felt like a deep form of remembrance.   


Now, in my private practice, I use my gifts of sensitivity to help others tap into their own inner healing abilities (which we all have)!  My goal is to give others the tools they can use between sessions, to further their own evolution.  Both my sessions and classes share how to develop energetic awareness, find stillness and peace, bring a sense of balance, learn the art of releasing, and connect with something greater than ourselves.   As time has gone on, my healing offerings have evolved to include a unique blend of channeled healing energies, as well as healing with singing bowls, breath, drums, oils, guided visions, and meditations, amongst others.  I love working with Highly Sensitive Persons, as well as those committed to their own path of personal growth. 


I love being a bridge between this world and the non-visible world.  It is such an honor to be a space holder for my clients and students – and now for The Alchemy Yoga community.  Thank you for inviting me to share this journey with you!"