Peyton Quinn Baker is a ceremonial sound healer and transformational guide creating musical medicine to support the upliftment and evolution of the human collective. In her service to groups and individuals on their healing journey, she holds the intention to be a clear, pure channel for the highest frequencies of love to come through her voice and instrumental artistry. Combining angelic channeled vibration, energetic work, and vocal oracular mediumship, Peyton weaves sound landscapes to create a field of relaxation and activation for deep healing to occur. She has studied extensively with luminary sound practitioners, including an apprenticeship with Dr. Paul Hubbert, founder of The Holographic Sound Healing Institute, as well as receiving guidance from Haley Sickling, a local renowned opera singer. Her passion to serve women healing from sexual trauma has led her to bring sound medicine to a vast array of ceremonies, studios, and retreat experiences. Peyton’s personal healing path has been one discovering the process of transmuting pain into beauty, and she holds a unique process that utilizes sound vibration to alchemize suffering into powerful, potent, and prayerful creation.